The Western Connecticut Insight Meditation Society

“The aim of insight meditation is to eradicate defilements and to put an end to all suffering, so it deserves the attention of everyone who seeks happiness.” ~Mahasi Sayadaw

The Western Connecticut Insight Meditation Society is a community of Insight Meditators at all stages of practice that gather together on a regular, bi-weekly basis to learn, to practice and to provide support, inspiration and fellowship to one another. The group gatherings consist of sitting and walking meditation, listening to and discussing recorded dharma talks from senior teachers and a bit of fellowship and sharing as well. The group is open to all sincere practitioners and it follows the practices of Insight Meditation and the Eightfold Noble Path as taught by the great masters of Theravadin Buddhism. Emphasis is placed on the original teachings of the Buddha. The Noble Path we follow also invites us to make a commitment to basic moral precepts and to a deep, empirical understanding of the true nature of things. The group is facilitated by an experienced practitioner. Please use the contact form below if you are interested in learning more about the Western CT Insight Meditation Society or attending a gathering.